Nancy Charak, is a committed abstract expressionist who makes paintings and drawings in Tucson, recently transplanted from Chicago. Exhibition inquiries welcome.

Rounder Studio is located in the historic Steinfeld Warehouse, Tucson, AZ

Artists Nancy Charak and Greta Ward have established the Rounder Studio’s workspace in the historic Steinfeld Warehouse at 101 W. 6th Street (at 9th Avenue) in Tucson, Arizona.

Recent Work

Long Short Series: After a long summer working on paintings on canvas, I decided to challenge myself to return to working with drawing materials on paper, and in an unfamiliar format for me, longitudinal. View Series »

Caput Mortuum Series: These paintings have four colors from different sources, each called caput mortuum, head of death. View Series »

“Mostly 9H” Series, each 8×8″ plus black satin frame, graphite, charcoal, conte crayon on gessoed clayboard. Participated in exhibit “Black,” at Space Gallery in Denver this past Fall 2015. View Series »

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Inquiries welcome.

Nancy Charak is always happy to exhibit her work and visits to her studio are available by appointment. All exhibition and commission inquiries are welcome.

Contact Nancy at 312/451-4268 or via the contact form for an appointment.